YEP I do love a good game. When I got my first PlayStation Console back in 1995 (LOOOL), I was hooked. I used to play Tekken 2 24-7 (Those were the good days )

I was so obsessed with gaming, that I wanted to know how one was made, how to make my own and etc. So 13 years later I studied Games Graphics, Hardware Technology  and achieved one of my childhood dreams :’) OO YEHH ! (Programming to the max).

Anyway, moving on to 2013, the current game I’m additive to is ……

Tapped out: Review- for iPad

Tapped Out
Is an additive game with my favourite animated family from Springfield. Created by EA Mobile and is available on iOS and Android. It a freemium game (basically you can play for free but if you want “sophisticated features”, you will have to pay for it with your real money!!!!!!!!!!!). Its similar to your Farmville/Sim/Café Wolrd type of games just a lot better!


Game Play
So how do you play?
The player has to make their own version of Springfield, as Homer made a nuclear disaster “doh” (No surprises there, typical Homer). The game offers you a variety of buildings from the series, like Moe’s pub, the church, school, and etc. The more buildings you build the more Simpson’s characters you get. In the game the player would need to complete tasks and missions to get rewarded and then purchase more buildings and decorative items for their town. ( There is not much of a goal in the game)

Character Tasks

If you want your Springfield looking FANCY and don’t mind spending your own money on games you can get premium characters and advanced buildings.

Simpsons Town pic 1


  • If you like real time games, where you don’t have to keep playing, then this is the perfect game for you. You can play in between tasks and don’t really need to observe the game. (It’s not a dog <_<)
  • Also if you’re a fan of the Simpson’s series, you will love the jokes and mini videos spinets that are added in the game.
  • Plus it’s always getting new updates so there is always something to do.


  • However,  this game can be quite slow at times and a little boring if your waiting for a 24-hour task
  • Also Tapped Out is obsessed with you spending real money. There is a chance you might spend your own money, if you want your Springfield looking fancy.

Nevertheless, I give Tapped Out 7 out of 10!!

If you already play Tapped out and you need more tips.  Why not check this blog out (< REALLY useful)


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