7 Worst Things Not to Do to Your Hair

There are loads of things you shouldn’t do to your hair but I think these are 7 points you should definitely avoid!   1. Using shampoos with Sulphate or Sodium Do not use shampoos with Sulphate or Sodium on a regular basis, these can lead to hair damage.   2. Getting multiple hair treatments Do not […]

10 Classic 90s British Programs

Any time someone mentions 90s TV programs, I just think of the common favourites, like Rugrats, Sister Sister, Sunset Beach and all the American programs ! But the UK has great variety of classics too. If you grew up in the UK, I’m going to take you down memory lane, with 10 classic 90s British […]

Welcome to my first post

Hi and welcome to my first post ! On my blog, I’m going to be rambling on about my obsessions, which are: Hair – How to maintain relaxed hair, (products, experiences and pics) Find out more about my hair ! Games – Xbox, Wii, Apps and etc (Reviews) Baking– Cakes 😛 (I bake wedding, birthday, […]