7 Worst Things Not to Do to Your Hair

There are loads of things you shouldn’t do to your hair but I think these are 7 points you should definitely avoid!


1. Using shampoos with Sulphate or Sodium

Do not use shampoos with Sulphate or Sodium on a regular basis, these can lead to hair damage.


2. Getting multiple hair treatments

Do not get multiple treatments like relaxing, colouring and straightening at/around the same time. Give your hair some rest.


3. Combing wet hair rigorously

Do not comb wet hair rigorously. Patience is the key for healthy hair and also wet hair will shed more, so avoid combing them again and again.


4. Using products with mineral oil and petroleum (as the 1st ingredient!)

Do not use hair products with mineral oil and petroleum-basedproducts ARE BAD! Stay away! (You can normally find these ingredients in hair greases)


5. Styling gels with alcohol as the 1st ingredient!


Do not over-use hair styling gels with alcohol as the first ingredient. Stay away from gels and lotions with alcohol!


6. Too much heat

Do not use too much heat. Blow dryers and hair straighteners leads to heat damage! Try to use once a month!


7. Small tooth Combs

Please do not use a small tooth comb to comb your hair!


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