Dinner Party

I like hosting dinner parties but sometimes I’m too lazy to cook ! But I have found a simple meal which you don’t do much cooking ……………a roast dinner ! Local supermarkets do everything for you nowadays. You can buy an already seasoned chicken and fresh vegetables already cut and peeled for you. Then you basically just bang everything in the oven, leaving you more time to socialise with your guests! The only problem you might get with a roast is time keeping, however, I’ve got an app which helps with timing all your food. The app is called Timer + and you can set up multiple timers at once ! It also runs in the background so you can still use other apps.

So my starter was duck pate with onion chutney and French bread.
The main was roast chicken, with roasted potatoes, stuffing, roasted vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.
And one of my guests offered to buy desserts.


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