Hair Journey


What’s a hair journey?

Everyone might go on a hair journey for different reasons. The reason why I went on a hair journey was to maintain my hair length and to have healthy hair

A Hair Journey to me is a step or procedure which you take to change your hair

Before you start your hair journey you need to do some research. You need to find out what are you doing wrong. If growth is one of your problems (like mine). The reason why we tend not to see the growth is because WE DON”T TAKE PROPER CARE OF OUR HAIR!

Reasons why relaxed hair seems not to grow:
1. Dirty Hair. Hair grows when its clean ! If your washing your hair every 3 weeks, your not washing your hair enough.
2. Over relaxing ! Relaxing your hair every 6 weeks is over processing (damaging) .
3. Grease ! Mineral oil and Petroleum-based products ARE BAD ! Stay away
4. No moisture. Relaxed hair should always have moisture.
5.Too much Heat. Too much hair straightening and blow drying

This results to, dry, breakage and unhealthy hair. Going on a Hair Journey can change this.

Hair damage

Hair damage

Relaxed hair needs:

1. Daily moisturising ♥
2. Shampooing and DEEP conditioning 1-2 a week ♥
3. Co-Washing once a week ♥
4. Trimming every 6-8 weeks ♥
5. Hot oil and Protein treatment once a month ♥
6. Relaxing every 10-16 weeks ♥
7. Reduce of heat ! ♥

In my next post I would explain more about a Hair Journey Part 2 .


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