10 Classic 90s British Programs

Any time someone mentions 90s TV programs, I just think of the common favourites, like Rugrats, Sister Sister, Sunset Beach and all the American programs ! But the UK has great variety of classics too.
If you grew up in the UK, I’m going to take you down memory lane, with 10 classic 90s British Programs 🙂 Comment below and add your favourites ! If you never seen these programs before, definitely have a watch !

1.The Demon Headmaster

This is definitely a Classic ! I loved this program as a child, even those it gave me nightmares ! lol


Who remembers this ? I remember shouting out “Its the Play bus!”.

3. ZZap

I loved the handy men part of the show. I used to wear my socks over my hands trying to reactor parts(Dont ask me why? >_<)

4. Blind Date

I miss this show, especially the contestants cheesy chat up lines. “The One and Only Cilla Black” ” Surprise, Surprise”

5. Man O Man

Pushing men into a pool. Classic TV

6.The Crystal Maze

I wish I could go on this show. I liked the puzzle tasks.

7. Desmond’s

HAHAHAHA ♥ Classic ♥ Porkpie !

8. Goodness Gracious Me

Its good to see different ethic groups on TV and Goodness Gracious Me was pure comedy.

9. Gladiators

Who remembers Wolf ?

“Tonight Matthew “…….10. Stars In Their Eyes


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