My Birthday


I did a afternoon tea event for my birthday. Check out my birthday event here !


7 Worst Things Not to Do to Your Hair

There are loads of things you shouldn’t do to your hair but I think these are 7 points you should definitely avoid!


1. Using shampoos with Sulphate or Sodium

Do not use shampoos with Sulphate or Sodium on a regular basis, these can lead to hair damage.


2. Getting multiple hair treatments

Do not get multiple treatments like relaxing, colouring and straightening at/around the same time. Give your hair some rest.


3. Combing wet hair rigorously

Do not comb wet hair rigorously. Patience is the key for healthy hair and also wet hair will shed more, so avoid combing them again and again.


4. Using products with mineral oil and petroleum (as the 1st ingredient!)

Do not use hair products with mineral oil and petroleum-basedproducts ARE BAD! Stay away! (You can normally find these ingredients in hair greases)


5. Styling gels with alcohol as the 1st ingredient!


Do not over-use hair styling gels with alcohol as the first ingredient. Stay away from gels and lotions with alcohol!


6. Too much heat

Do not use too much heat. Blow dryers and hair straighteners leads to heat damage! Try to use once a month!


7. Small tooth Combs

Please do not use a small tooth comb to comb your hair!

Dinner Party

I like hosting dinner parties but sometimes I’m too lazy to cook ! But I have found a simple meal which you don’t do much cooking ……………a roast dinner ! Local supermarkets do everything for you nowadays. You can buy an already seasoned chicken and fresh vegetables already cut and peeled for you. Then you basically just bang everything in the oven, leaving you more time to socialise with your guests! The only problem you might get with a roast is time keeping, however, I’ve got an app which helps with timing all your food. The app is called Timer + and you can set up multiple timers at once ! It also runs in the background so you can still use other apps.

So my starter was duck pate with onion chutney and French bread.
The main was roast chicken, with roasted potatoes, stuffing, roasted vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.
And one of my guests offered to buy desserts.

Hair Journey


What’s a hair journey?

Everyone might go on a hair journey for different reasons. The reason why I went on a hair journey was to maintain my hair length and to have healthy hair

A Hair Journey to me is a step or procedure which you take to change your hair

Before you start your hair journey you need to do some research. You need to find out what are you doing wrong. If growth is one of your problems (like mine). The reason why we tend not to see the growth is because WE DON”T TAKE PROPER CARE OF OUR HAIR!

Reasons why relaxed hair seems not to grow:
1. Dirty Hair. Hair grows when its clean ! If your washing your hair every 3 weeks, your not washing your hair enough.
2. Over relaxing ! Relaxing your hair every 6 weeks is over processing (damaging) .
3. Grease ! Mineral oil and Petroleum-based products ARE BAD ! Stay away
4. No moisture. Relaxed hair should always have moisture.
5.Too much Heat. Too much hair straightening and blow drying

This results to, dry, breakage and unhealthy hair. Going on a Hair Journey can change this.

Hair damage

Hair damage

Relaxed hair needs:

1. Daily moisturising ♥
2. Shampooing and DEEP conditioning 1-2 a week ♥
3. Co-Washing once a week ♥
4. Trimming every 6-8 weeks ♥
5. Hot oil and Protein treatment once a month ♥
6. Relaxing every 10-16 weeks ♥
7. Reduce of heat ! ♥

In my next post I would explain more about a Hair Journey Part 2 .

10 Classic 90s British Programs

Any time someone mentions 90s TV programs, I just think of the common favourites, like Rugrats, Sister Sister, Sunset Beach and all the American programs ! But the UK has great variety of classics too.
If you grew up in the UK, I’m going to take you down memory lane, with 10 classic 90s British Programs 🙂 Comment below and add your favourites ! If you never seen these programs before, definitely have a watch !

1.The Demon Headmaster

This is definitely a Classic ! I loved this program as a child, even those it gave me nightmares ! lol


Who remembers this ? I remember shouting out “Its the Play bus!”.

3. ZZap

I loved the handy men part of the show. I used to wear my socks over my hands trying to reactor parts(Dont ask me why? >_<)

4. Blind Date

I miss this show, especially the contestants cheesy chat up lines. “The One and Only Cilla Black” ” Surprise, Surprise”

5. Man O Man

Pushing men into a pool. Classic TV

6.The Crystal Maze

I wish I could go on this show. I liked the puzzle tasks.

7. Desmond’s

HAHAHAHA ♥ Classic ♥ Porkpie !

8. Goodness Gracious Me

Its good to see different ethic groups on TV and Goodness Gracious Me was pure comedy.

9. Gladiators

Who remembers Wolf ?

“Tonight Matthew “…….10. Stars In Their Eyes

Welcome to my first post

Hi and welcome to my first post !

On my blog, I’m going to be rambling on about my obsessions, which are:

Hair – How to maintain relaxed hair, (products, experiences and pics) Find out more about my hair !

Relaxed Hair

Games – Xbox, Wii, Apps and etc (Reviews)

Tapped Out

Baking– Cakes 😛 (I bake wedding, birthday, and other special occasions) presentcake.jpg

Going out (My lifestyle)


Yay, hope you enjoy it !